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SEAFOODS 365 invites individuals and organizations love seafood industry to cooperate in the deployment and distribution of 365 SEAFOODS products to numerous customers nationwide. With the motto "Improving the quality of life, protect user on balanced", 365 SEAFOODS is committed to efforts to bring the best products and services for the culinary needs of the customer and gifts.

With the motto of sharing and cooperation for development, we have a special policy support for dealers, shops; from the calculation of the financial plan to open a store to support the infrastructure, attractive discounts to dealers, stores, we believe that the success of the dealer, the main store 365 SEAFOODS success in conquering the culinary requirements of the most demanding clients all subjects.

Open process agent 365 stores SEAFOODS:

Step 1: Register to open dealers, stores

- Customers want to become agents of 365 SEAFOODS please contact Mr. Male, phone number 086.803.2467 - P 0933.22.8195.

 - Receive customer information agents need to open stores and offer policy and specific guidelines

Step 2: Survey venues & Potential Assessment

- The company will send staff to study sites and receiving agent is opened, store

Step 3: Drafting contracts

Business departments drafting contracts and contracting conducted among 365 SEAFOODS and dealers, shops.

Step 4: Guide dealers, shops.


Representatives of 365 SEAFOODS:

- Guide and support equipment dealers requisites prescribed by the Companies (Signage, glass cabinets, display tools ...). Support PR shop indefinitely to potential clients, customers regional trading book positions.

- Delivery to provide price lists, catalogs for dealers, shop

Step 5: Display and agents opened, store.

Step 6: Follow up and support activities, inform the policy of the Company to agents, store in a timely manner

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