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10 pedestrian street delicacies Hanoi should definitely try

Dried beef salad dish is familiar to many people of the capital Hanoi and the guests who come to the capital land. Dummy disc is quite plump, outside the traditional fiber grated papaya and herbs also have a lot of beef: beef jerky slice, sliced ​​boiled beef, beef tendon, turned gizzard, liver ... ample drying. While enjoying all the water mixed with sweet and sour mix is ​​just mouth. A dummy disc here with 35,000 contracts, can served with tapioca pudding is quite mild and sweet.
Grilled beef Ma May Street
Located on Ma May Street is famous roast beef shop is much frequented. Here are fresh beef marinated owner very carefully. When put on the grill, the aroma of meat mixed with spices marinated aroma emanates extremely seductive. Moreover you eat, you'll notice the beef is very tender, just the mouth and not too chewy. Interest cost around VND100,000 each.
Trang Tien ice cream
10 pedestrian street delicacies Hanoi should definitely try - 3
Kem Trang Tien childhood association with many people in Hanoi, is considered a specialty of land menstruation. Not only the people familiar with the capital that all travelers to Hanoi will want to try this once to eat ice cream. Price a cream sticks from 7000-8000 VND / unit, while the ice cream cone was VND12,000 / unit.
Military segment Cake
Located right on Cau Go Street, cake shop Military segment is famous address delicious cake, have a long lifespan in Hanoi. Cake songs here are jewels of pot, ensuring the cake delicious but always kept hot. Military segment's portion of bread is steamed green beans are crushed outer bearing yellow nursery bacon pieces of smooth cool white sauce marinated pepper enough. The reason is because if the meat bacon cake will be dry too lean, too fatty meat, the bread will be sick. The color of the cake ingredients blended together in the aroma leaves no single characteristic is unmistakable. Cake songs cost between 8,000-10,000 dong per unit.
Product Hot
75.000 ₫ 70.000 ₫
Lemon string
15.000 ₫ 12.000 ₫
lemon without seeds
15.000 ₫ 20.000 ₫
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